New CVD coating improved crystalize control technology and coating adhesion
  • Longer tool life

    Crystallize controlled growth of alumina
    (α-Al2O3) brings wear resistance and
    fracture resistance improvement

  • Suppress membrane peeling off

    By optimizing interface, coating
    adhesion strength improved 40%
    compare to conventional grade

  • Prevent chipping

    Improved fracture resistance due to the
    high aspect ratio TiCN layer

※KYOCERA’s unique CVD coating technology named as "CRIOS Technology"

Product Data

Significant prolong tool life and chipping resistance to be achieved! ※ Our conventional product comparison

  • In continuous machining, CA510 enables to prolong long life High-speed and long tool life grade for steel machining

  • For heavy interrupted CA530 Stability and general-purpose grade for steel machining


The lineup of four grades capable of covering a wide range of machining! It enables the optimal chip selection from finish to roughing.

P chipbreaker series PP / PQ / PG

In combination with CA5 series it will achieve long tool life and stable machining.

  • Finishing

    PP chipbreaker
  • Finishing~medium cutting

    PQ chipbreaker
  • Medium cutting ~ roughing

    PG chipbreaker


  • CA5 Introduction VTR(YouTube)

    CA5 Introduction VTR(YouTube)

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