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Solid Ball Nose End Mill for Machining Hardened Material (Micro Solid Tools) 2KMB Line up Expansion



Kyocera proudly presents a New Lineup Expansion of Standard and Long Neck Types for Micro Solid Tools 2KMB.


– Standard Type has added new items with R2.5 and R3.0. The new lineup with 17 items is available from R0.05 to R3.0.


– The expanded 2KMB Long Neck Type lineup up to 166 items, could be adaptable to any cutting processes from R0.05 to R3.0.


Kyocera’s Original New Coating MEGACOAT HARD EX Uses a Special Two-layer Structure with both Chipping Resistance and Abrasion Resistance enabling Long Tool Life for Various Hardened Materials.


We believe that with this new lineup expansion, our Micro Solid Tools 2KMB will achieve high quality and high precision in a larger variety of machining processes.


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