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High Precision Small Diameter Solid Drill KDA Mini has been released!

KDA mini

KYOCERA is glad to announce that our high-precision small-diameter Solid Drill KDA Mini has been released!


KDA Mini is a solid drill that achieves high precision and long tool life, providing stable machining for small diameter holes ranging from φ1.0 ~ φ2.9.


KDA Mini utilizes the newly developed special “Triple & Double Margin” design. The tip has a triple margin, and the middle part has a double margin, achieving both excellent processing accuracy and chip evacuation.


In addition, the unique coating MEGACOAT NANO EX achieves long tool life. By multi-layer structure with two unique nanolayers in Double Lamination Technology, suppress wear, welding, and chipping.


Product line φ1.0 ~ φ2.9

Type C (with coolant hole): 3D / 5D / 8D

Type N (without coolant hole): 2D / 4D


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