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Release new grade for grooving/ cut-off PR20 Series!

We are honored to announce that the new grade with PVD coating for grooving/ cut-off PR20 Series has been released.


Achieve long tool life for machining work materials such as steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.


PR20 Series is the newly developed PVD coating “MEGACOAT NANO  EX” specialized for grooving/ cut-off. Achieves long life and stable machining with “high content aluminum (Al) x special nano-layered material”.


Our original coating process has successfully improved the high-content aluminum nano-coating layer. By optimizing the coating content and crystal structure of coating components, the high-temperature hardness is improved.


Besides, the high-content aluminum nano-coating layer suppresses cracks and achieves excellent toughness.


3 products specialize in grooving and cut-off available in PR20 Series:


Cut-Off Solutions for Small Parts Machining KGZ 



External and Internal Grooving GBA



Internal Grooving SIGE


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