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Electronic Components & Devices

Crystal Devices / Capacitors / SAW Devices

Crystal Devices
Using synthetic quartz crystal growth technology, Kyocera manufactures a wide range of high-quality, highly reliable quartz crystal devices and quartz crystal products for use in electronic equipment. We undertake every part of the production process in-house, from research & development to planning, design and production. We will actively pursue the further development of quartz crystal products to support the continued growth of our networked society.

Capacitors are essential to virtually all forms of electronic equipment, from smartphones and wearable devices to industrial machines. Kyocera contributes to the advancement of electronics through cutting-edge technology and high quality throughout the manufacturing process.

SAW Devices
SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) devices are used in smartphones and other wireless communication handsets. Kyocera's wide range of SAW devices includes filters and duplexers.

Product Line-up

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Crystal Units

Kyocera has a wide variety of ultra miniature, high accuracy and wide temperature range operating crystal units.

Clock Oscillators(SPXO)

The K-series utilizes a common platform design covering case sizes 2016 through 7050.
High frequency options and a variety of output types support customer needs.

Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO)

The SPXO offers a voltage control function corresponding with high frequency products suitable for industrial applications.

Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO)

Realizes ultra minature and high frequency accuracy suitable for smartphone, GNSS module and IoT devices.


Ceramic Capacitors

Kyocera supplies quality multilayer ceramic capacitors made with high-purity ceramics. We promote miniaturization, higher capacitance and higher function with a wide range of products that are suitable for diverse applications.

SAW Devices

Kyocera supplies various types of surface mount SAW duplexers and filters based on unique simulation and fine processing technologies. Our wide range of products includes RF SAW duplexers and filters for various mobile phones systems.