High-Performance Cut-Off Solutions

KPK Series

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The KPK Series features new insert, blade, and tool block designs for rigid, safe, and secure cut-off operations. Shank type added to the lineup. Compatible with in a wide range of machines. Toolholder (Blade Type, Shank Type) and insert lineup expansion.


  • Easy insert replacement reduce down time.

    No hammer or screw required, self-clamping

  • Strong clamping mechanism for added safety and security

    The firmly secured insert uses three contact surfaces to eliminate sliding or chattering

  • Unique chipbreaker for long tool life and stable machining

    Advanced chipbreaker technology inherited from KGD lineup provides excellent chip control

  • Jet coolant-through styles available (JCT)
  • Shank type added to the lineup and compatible with in a wide range of machines

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