Small Internal Machining

EZ Bar Series

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KYOCERA's unique easy adjustment and high precision for a wide range of machining applications

The EZ Bar prevents deviation with high-rigidity clamping

Unique design provides a smooth supply of coolant

Large tooling lineup for a wide application range


  • Can be used for boring, back boring, internal profiling, internal grooving, face grooving and threading

    Large lineup of sleeves for various tooling applications

  • 90° Lead Angle EZBF is added to the lineup

    Flat 90°suface with no up facing

  • KYOCERA's unique easy adjustment and high precision
  • Minimized deviation of cutting diameter with high-rigidity clamping
  • Indexable Boring Bar, EZ Bar PLUS is available.

    High precision solid bar with convenience of indexable inserts reduce machining costs

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