High Precision Small Diameter Solid Drill

KDA Mini

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Introducing a small diameter drill with a machining diameter from ø1.0 to ø2.9. By newly developed Triple & Double Margin design and new coating MAGACOAT NANO EX, KDA Mini achieved high precision, long tool life, and stable machining. Solve drilling problems with a wide line-up that supports up to 8D.

KDA mini


  • Special shape (Type C) with the tip is Triple Margin and Double Margin at the middle that achieve both high precision and stable machining.
  • By new coating MEGACOAT NANO EX, KDA Mini achieves long tool life and suppresses wear, welding, and chipping issues.
  • Also available without a coolant hole. Excellent machining accuracy and quality with double margin.
  • Type C (with coolant hole): 3D / 5D / 8D
  • Type N (without coolant hole): 2D / 4D that can also be used as a pilot drill.

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