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Glow Plugs/ Heaters for Oxygen Sensors/ Multilayer Piezo /Camera Modules

Kyocera supplies a wide range of products for automotive applications that require extreme reliability.

Our products support the rapid advancement of in-vehicle electronics, making cars smarter, safer, cleaner and more comfortable.

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Glow Plugs

These are start assistance plugs for diesel engines. By using fast temperature rise and superior heat-resistant N heaters, the exhaust gas is cleaned especially right after the engine start.

Heaters for Oxygen Sensors

This heater is used for heating oxygen sensors that detect the exhaust gas of vehicles and is equipped in most gasoline engine automobiles.

Multilayer Piezo (for Injectors)

These components enable ultra-quick response and precise control of fuel delivery to make diesel engine vehicles cleaner than ever.

Camera Modules

High reliability and excellent optical sensing help enhance vehicle safety and convenience.
Based on technology developed in the automotive field, we are actively developing products for application in the consumer electronic and general industrial equipment fields.