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Electronic Components Segment

Electronic Components Segment

After more than 50 years of product development, Kyocera’s Corporate Electronic Components Group expanded with the integration of Kyocera Crystal Device Corporation (formerly Kyocera Kinseki Corporation), Kyocera Connector Products Corporation (formerly Kyocera Elco Corporation), and the Corporate Functional Devices Group (formerly Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation, which handles power semiconductor products ). In addition, Kyocera’s Corporate Electronic Components Group and KYOCERA AVX Components Corporation (formerly AVX Corporation), a consolidated subsidiary of Kyocera, unified sales organizations to enhance the global sales capabilities, and will maximize synergy by combining the companies' resources of manufacture and development for further expansion of its global business.

Electronic components are essential to all types of electronic equipment, from smartphones and wearable devices to industrial machines. Kyocera contributes to the advancement of electronics through cutting-edge technology and quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Product Line-up

Advanced KYOCERA AVX Components

U.S. based KYOCERA AVX Components Corporation is a Kyocera Group company specializing in electronic components. With a solid foundation in electronic device technologies and a broad product line, KYOCERA AVX Components Corporation is expanding its development, manufacturing and sales worldwide.


Kyocera's connectors are meeting a wide variety of requests from customers such as light, thin and short in size, high performance, multifunction, high-speed, high heat resistance, and high electrical current. They are highly reliable and utilized in a wide range of fields of communications equipment, automobiles, medical devices, industrial equipment, OA and AV equipment and so on. Kyocera's connectors contribute to the evolution of the electronics industry by a state-of-the-art technologies that meet the needs of ever-evolving electronic equipment.


Crystal Devices

Kyocera is a leading manufacturer in developing cutting edge crystal products such as crystal units and crystal oscillators by utilizing the full capability of quartz crystals.
Kyocera has experience supplying a wide variety of crystal devices globally contributing to the evolution of IoT era.

SAW Devices

Kyocera supplies various types of surface mount SAW(Surface Acoustic Wave) devices based on unique simulation and fine processing technologies. Our wide range of products includes RF SAW devices for various mobile phone systems.


We supply small and high capacitance, high performance multilayer ceramic capacitors by utilizing superior dielectric ceramic technology and advanced manufacturing technology. We provide the best solution for various applications including wireless handsets such as smartphones and tablets, digital electronics, industrial machines and automotive devices.

Power Semiconductor Devices

Power semiconductor devices are essential for high-voltage, and/or high-current circuitry, and Kyocera offers an extensive lineup of products to make effective use of electric power in consumer and industrial equipment for saving energy.