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LCDs / Touch Panels

LCDs & Touch Solutions for Essential Industrial Applications

Industrial TFT LCDs & Touch Panels

Kyocera's customer-oriented liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) and touch panels offer long product life for use in essential industrial applications such as Human Machine Interface (HMI), medical, outdoor infrastructure, and many others.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

  • Resistive Touch
  • Capacitive on / out cell touch


  • Super high brightness (1000 cd/m²)


  • Wide viewing angle (170/170)

Automotive Display Technology for High Visibility & Reliability

Automotive Displays

Kyocera is a pioneer in LCDs for automotive applications, where high reliability and visibility are required even in the harshest driving conditions. Applications such as Head-Up Display (HUD) and instrument cluster products are continually being developed to incorporate the following key technologies:

  • High contrast, high color saturation
  • Advanced Wide Viewing (AWV) for true color fidelity
  • Super-High Brightness (SHB)
  • Wide Temperature range.
  • High density, highly transmissive, brilliant displays

Head-Up Display (HUD)