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Ceramic Kitchen Knives and Tools

Inspiring Sharpness. Light weight, well balanced.Ceramic Knives Advantages


1 "Featured" by Kyocera craftsmanship

Blade and handle is design by simulation analysis for ideal shape.

Featured by Kyocera craftsmanship

  • Established "design" for fine grip

  • Ergonomic handle for universal fitness.
    Ultra-light knife with high stability.
  • Established design for fine grip
  • Established "design" for sharpness

  • Dense and smooth clam shape blade allows for absolutely precise cuts.
  • Established "design" with superior edge retention

  • Established design with superior edge retention"R shape" high-tech material to achieve durable blade.

2 Sustainable long term sharpness

Diamond whetstone is the only abrasives to sharpen fine ceramics. Keeps smooth slicing performance longer and higher strength than stainless steel knife.

Sharpness Test

3 Original material "Z206" with the craftsmanship technology

These knives are made of an advanced, high-tech ceramic called zirconium oxide (also called zirconia). Zirconium oxide is extremely hard, wear resistant, and chemically inert.

Zirconia "Z206" has the high strength and toughness developed by Kyocera 30 years original technology ceramic knife and keep innovating.

4 Efficient quality-control system

Kyocera's ceramic knife is manufactured and shipped under strict quality check and management system.
The number of test items in its manufacturing stage exceeds 30.
This thorough quality control realizes stable quality.

5 Enhance after-sales service

Ceramic knife is a very hard material that could not be re-sharpen by normal whetstones. There are two options to re-sharpen your knife.

  • 1) Re-sharpening service
    You can sharpen your ceramic knife by using our re-sharpening service. Only Kyocera advanced ceramic knives can be sharpened with this service.
    Please send your knife to the service center or bring to the retail shop you purchased. (please be aware and check the cost to repair in advance.)
  • 2) Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener at home solution
    This Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener is applicable only for Kyocera's ceramic, stainless steel,
    steel, titanium (Ti) material knives.

Check video about sharpness

Knife series

  • Fuji SERIES
  • Limited SERIES
  • Premier SERIES
  • Innovation SERIES
  • セラブリッドフライパンの特長