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About the Ceramic Kitchen Knife

If the ceramic knife is chipped, what should I do?
Sharpening is possible depending on the size of the chipping. A fee may be levied. The chipping size of 10 mm or less at the tip and 3 mm or less on the blade edge may be repaired.
For details please click here.
If the ceramic knife is broken, what should I do?
It is dangerous to use as is and may cause injury. Please discontinue using it.
I want to sharpen the knife as it is getting dull.
Our distributors are providing reworking services at a fee to be determined.
For details on rehabilitation, please click here.
Can you sharpen the ceramic knife by yourself?
Ceramic knife is not made of metal, so it cannot be sharpened with a general grinding stone. Please use a special sharpener. By using Kyocera's Electric Diamond Sharpener, it is possible to sharpen your ceramic knife at home.
About Electric Diamond Sharpener, please click here.
Dirt had adhered on the ceramic knife. What should I do?
If dirt or food stains adheres to the blade, please wash it with kitchen bleach.
※Chlorine or Kitchen bleach can also be used.
Can I put a Ceramic knife in a dish washer / dryer or dish dryer?
Except for some ceramic knives (*), it is possible to use a dish washer / dryer, dish dryer. However, there is a possibility that it may be chipped or broken when the blade part hits a dishware. So, please be careful about the handling.
(※)Please note that the wooden or wooden resin filled handle ceramic knives cannot be used.
How long does it take to sharpen the ceramic knife?
After the ceramic knife arrives at our Distributor, they will get back to you about the estimated collection or dispatch date.
※Please note that it may take some time
For details about sharpening the ceramic knife, please click here.
Where should I send the ceramic knife for sharpening?
Sharpening are available at our Distributor's Service Center
For details about sharpening the ceramic knife, please click here.
Sharpening Ceramic Knife and others
For information on sharpening the ceramic knife, please click here.

About CERABRID Frying Pan

Is the white Cerabrid frying pan colored?
Although it may discolor by cooking burning etc., you can use as it is.
Dirt will not remove. What should I do?
Please soak the dirt in hot water to soften it then rub it with a sponge. If it still does not fall off, please rub it gently with the abrasive side of the melamine sponge that does not hold water well.
※ Melamine Sponge has a scourer on one side and a soft sponge that holds water well on the other side.
I cooked it over medium heat and it still scorch, why.
If you do cooking without oiling it will scorch. Please apply oil to the entire cooking surface. Also if preheating is insufficient, ingredients may stick together and scorch easily. Furthermore, if the temperature is too high, it can also scorch easily. So please take care and regulate just the right amount of fire for the cooking. For information, meat products can scorch when exceeds 200 °C.
How high is the medium heat?
In the case of gas cooking : The right amount of fire just reaching the bottom of the frying pan.
For IH cooking : Use 1100 W or less
Why you should not use high heat cooking?
Cerabrid Frying Pan is good with heat distribution, so you can cook well under medium heat. If you use stronger fire than necessary, it will get hot in a short time but it causes burning and it will also cause deterioration of the ceramic performance.
The handle starts rattling. Can you repair it?
It seems that the screw of the handle is loose. Just turn the screw on the handle to the right and retighten the screw. No other repair is needed other than tightening the screw.

About Sharpener (Knife Sharpener)

Electric diamond sharpener - Can it be use with another company's ceramic knife?
This product is developed for Kyocera made ceramic knife. Please note that we cannot guarantee the product if you use it to sharpen another company's ceramic knife.
Electric diamond sharpener - How much can you get it back?
If it is lacking up to about 0.5 mm, you can clean it.
Electric diamond sharpener - Is there any knife that cannot be used on it?
Ceramic knife other than Kyocera made, single-edged kitchen knife and sashimi knife, special knife such as serrated blade for bread, knife with thick blade, etc. cannot be sharpened.
Electric diamond sharpener - Can we replace the diamond wheel?
Model DS-38 smaller version diamond wheel cannot be replaced.
Model DS-50 bigger version diamond wheel can be replaced until we stop producing or when we stop selling the model.
※ For purchasing the replacement Diamond wheel please contact our distributor at their service center.
Can I use a Fine Sharpener for sharpening Ceramic Knife?
. No, it is a sharpener dedicated to metal cutlery. It cannot be used for ceramic knives.
Roll sharpener - Can it be used on Ceramic knife?
Except for model RSD01-BK made to also handle ceramic knife, other roll sharpener are made for metal double edge kitchen knife. It cannot be used for ceramic knife.
Roll sharpener - Can we replace the wheel?
We are sorry, they are not made for replacement.

About Cerabrid Mug Bottle

The inside has discolored. What should I do?
Please clean it with the normal kitchen bleach.
The inside got rough. What should I do ?
Calcium elements contained in the water may have adhered to the sides. Use lukewarm water containing about 10% citric acid into the body and wash well for about 30 minutes.
I feel that the heat retention (or cold insulation) is not very effective, why?
If the amount of drink is little, insulation hot (or cold) effect may be insufficient. Please put enough hot (or cold) drink closer to the specified position.
I dropped it. May I use as it is?
When the double vacuum structure of the bottle breaks after a strong impact, the vacuum state is lost and the thermal insulation effect will not work. So there is a possibility that the bottle double vacuum structure is broken. Do not use to store hot water if it is no longer effective in keeping the water hot.
The packing got discolored. What should I do?
There is possibility that dirt and mold etc. are attached on it. Please clean with oxygen bleach. If the mold fails to be removed, discard it and purchase this optional part for replacement.
Drinks leak. Why?
Please confirm the following.
・Is the Sensor unit secured properly? Ensure to close the Sensor Unit properly.
· Did you lock the lid ? After closing the lid, push the lid lock to secure it.
· Is packing set secured ? Be sure the packing set are installed.
· Did you mistaken the packing mount position or direction ? Please checked that the the position and direction of the packing are set correctly.
· Is there any foreign matter on the packing? Please remove it.
· Did you store too much drink ? Please remove some amount until the prescribed maximum level. If the seal or packing is damaged, deformed or deteriorated, please purchase the replacement part and replace it.

Others (Peeler, slicer, etc)

Can Peeler be washed in dishwasher and dish dryer?
Peeler cannot be washed in dishwasher and dish dryer.
Can Slicer be washed in dishwasher and dish dryer?
Slicer cannot be washed in dishwasher and dish dryer.

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