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Ceramic Kitchen Knives and Tools

Recommended Knife Handling


Care and Use instructions for ceramic knife

To avoid ceramic blade chipping

- Please avoid to cutting and slicing foods with heavy rinds to maintain your ceramic knife longer.

- Please read the handling manual before you use ceramic knife.

  • <Example>
  • - Block cheese or hard rice cake (Mochi)
  • - Hard core fruit and Vegetable (pineapple, hard melons, com, avocado, gingo etc.)
  • - Frozen food (& semi-defrosting food)

- Not to drop or hit on hard surfaces including in the sink

- Please do not drop anything on the ceramic knife. It may damage the blade.

- Avoid applying force to the side of the blade

- Always use with a wood or plastic cutting board and avoid cutting on marble, glass, plates or tile


- Please store the knife out of the reach of children to keep safe.

- Keep away the blade in open flame (ceramic conducts heat)



- Please do not use the metal cutter grinding stone to sharpen the ceramic knife.

- When the knife becomes too dull to use, please re-sharpen for sefely purpose. Kyocera's sharpening process will "flatten out" the edge of the blade (removing all chips) and then reestablish a new sharp edge.

- For discolorations not removed by normal washing, clean the blade only (not handle) with a mild bleach solution.

- Ceramic starts out sharper--and stays sharper--longer. In time, you may notice micro abrasions or nicks on the blade's edge. This is the normal process by which any hard material blade will dull.

- Kyocera ceramic knives with plastic handles are dishwasher safe, top rack only and avoid contact with metal utensils.

- Kyocera ceramic knives with wood handles are NOT dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended.


For safe use

- For your protection, the tip and heel of the blade have been safety blunted but still very sharp.

-The sharp front edge can cut into the board, catch and snap.

-Do not apply force to the back of the knife blade twisting or scraping hard surfaces.

- Please avoid turning the blade on its side to smash garlic or other items.

Accordingly, we are not liable for any loss or damages resulting from inappropriately used or failure to following the handling instructions.