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Santoku Knife 14cm blade/5.5   KTN-140-HIP

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The Ceramics in perfect shape of Kyocera knife

  • Bladed blade: 14 cm
  • Weight:
  • Dimension:
  • Material: black HIP zirconia ceramics with Japanese sand garden look, hand-cut
  • Handle: Pakkawood, riveted
  • Made in Japan

About this product series


KYOCERA’S Premier Elite Series features our finest HIP ceramic blade for superior strength and sharpness.

Etched with beauty, the blade is perfectly matched to a magnificent black Pakka wood handle.

- Manufactured in Japan for superior quality.
- HIP Ceramic Blade - The premium ceramic blade is Hot Isostatically Pressed (HIP) which provides superior strength and sharpness compared to Kyocera’s traditional white ceramic blade.
- “Zen Sand Garden” Pattern - The etched design on the blade is reminiscent of a traditional Japanese zen sand garden (karesansui).
- Handle Shape - The flat sided oval handle design is inspired by the shape of a Koban, an old Japanese gold coin.
- Lightweight and perfectly balanced, Kyocera knives are ideal for everyday slicing of boneless meats, fruits and vegetables.

Available Colors

• Black Pakka Wood Handle, Black Swirl Blade
• 5.5" Santoku Knife - HIP Blade / Flat-Sided Oval Wood Handle


◆ Please do not forcibly cut, strike or twist while cutting on hard objects , the blade may be chipped or break.
※ pumpkin, frozen or semi-thawed food, rice cake, meat and fish bones, crab, corn, seeds of fruits etc.
◆ Do not wash in a dishwasher dryer.

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